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To know more about how Jamulus is being used, and what people think of it so far!
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What have you MAINLY been using Jamulus for? *
If you run a server in "public mode" (register it in the Central Server), why is that?
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If you run a server in "private mode" (give other musicians your network address), why is that?
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What are the most common issues you have when using Jamulus? *
I would describe my level of computer skills as: *
How easy was it to understand how Jamulus worked? *
What's the hardest thing to understand abut Jamulus? *
When you click the connection button, how many servers do you typically see? *
Of the servers you can see listed, how many have dark green ping times (less than 30ms)? *
When you connect to a server, is it: *
If the session performance is bad, do you feel you know what to do to improve it? *
Finally, what would you like to improve about Jamulus?
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