Application for 13th Annual Richmond Zine Fest
This year's Richmond Zine Fest will be Friday, October 11th, and Saturday, October 12th, from 10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Please fill out this form to request being an exhibitor for Saturday, October 12th. (There is a separate form for Workshop Facilitators for Friday.) This form also includes a section for people who would like to be considered for Print Stipends. DO NOT fill out that section if you don't qualify for a print stipend. If you have any questions about this year's print stipends or any part of the application, please email

Applicants will be notified no sooner than August 1st. Please do not contact us asking about the status of your application or how to pay before then. When you are contacted on or after August 1st, you will have 10 days to pay the tabling fee ($15 for a 1/2 table and $30 for a full table). If you we don't hear from you in 10 days, we will move to the next person on the waitlist.

**Richmond Zine Fest reserves the right to deny tabling requests or ask tablers to leave the space without a refund for violation of safer space policies.

Thank you for supporting the Richmond Zine Fest!

Love, RZF

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Exact name you want listed on the website and/or program if it differs from the above
Please give this some thought, and stick to it. This year we'd like to keep last minute changes to listings to a minimum, meaning please don't make me keep editing the same thing repeatedly.
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whatever you call yourself and want others to call you. this ain't a legal document. <3
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Note to all attendees. Please respect all pronouns. If you don't know, ask. If you can't ask, use "they."
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Please provide an email that you regularly check for updates/information provided leading up to this year's zine fest. If you prefer online payment via paypal and that account is through a different email address, please make a note and provide that one as well.
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Full tables are 6' rectangular. We recommend bringing table coverings. Due to consideration of space and mapping, we do not allow tablers to bring their own tables instead of/in addition to the table that the fee covers. Thank you.
Although we cannot guarantee all special requests, please let us know if there’s anything you need or want. If it is possible, we will try to accommodate table placement preferences and number of chairs requested.
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