WV Can't Wait Neighborhood Captain Sign-up
Have you heard Stephen say, "We need 1,000 leaders - not 1"? He's right.

We need 1,000 Neighborhood Captains to sign up this month.

Neighborhood Captains will be checking in on their neighbors about the virus AND keeping them informed about the election and how to vote. The way it works is you’ll get a packet in the mail with 100 voters names in your area, their contact information, and the tools you need to reach out to them a total of 6 times before the primary election. It’s sort of like a contact kit. Again, not only will you be connecting with them about the campaign--but it’s also a way to make sure our neighbors have what they need to prepare for the virus.

West Virginians are kind, resilient, and selfless. In times of crisis we do what we know how to do best: take care of each other.

Fill out this form, and someone will be in touch within the week to get you all the materials you need. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail Sarah@WVCantWait.com
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(OPTIONAL) It cost the campaign $100 worth of stamps and materials to fill each kit. Would you like to make a donation to help cover the cost? https://wvcantwait.com/donate/ *
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I take responsibility for following along in my kit and contacting each of my 100 voters 6 times before the primary election on May 12. (please type your name) *
Don't sweat, we'll get you all the materials and instructions you need to do each round of contact!
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