Petition - HB 2017 Funding to Transit Dependent Communities!
Transit dependent members alongside partner organizations and allies are requesting $3.4 million for seniors and people with disabilities and $1.6 million for regional student transportation come from the contested $5 million of HB 2017 funds coming to TriMet. Regressive tax mechanisms hit low-income people and workers the hardest. $5 million is being contested between a non-diesel bus program and priorities identified by transit dependent communities, youth, seniors and individuals with disabilities. This equates to approximately 5-6 electric buses per year for the total duration on the funding versus transit access for 13,000 low-income youth and the expansion in operations of transportation services and more mobility to elders and individuals with disabilities.

These limited operation dollars must be invested in solutions that increase equitable ridership, reliability, affordability and coverage. The below signed support that access to YouthPass and increased transit support for seniors and individuals with disabilities is a community priority and should be reflected in the budget proposal for HB 2017.

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