Jet City Raqs Performer Sign up March 19th , 2020
Show Date: March 19th, 2020
Skylark Cafe and Club 803 Delridge Way SW, Seattle, WA 98106
Contact us at

Performer sign-up rules and regulations - PLEASE READ THOROUGHLY!

1. After you receive the confirmation email that you will be included in the show, please send your music to no later than 11:59 pm on MONDAY, MARCH 16TH, 2020. Music must be a single track in mp3 format and no longer than approximately 6 minutes. If this 6-minute limit presents a significant challenge, please contact Nazaneen at FAILURE TO SUBMIT MUSIC ON TIME WILL RESULT IN YOUR REMOVAL FROM THE LINE-UP.

2. Filling out this form constitutes an application only. JetCityRaqs will contact you to confirm that you have been included in the line-up. All are welcome, but we try to curate a multi-faceted show. If you submit an application but are not included, that likely just means that several similar acts beat you to the punch and you will likely be included in a future show!

3. Please promote the event on social media. When doing so, please tag Nazaneen (@Nazaneen Raqassa on facebook and @Nazaneen_raqs on instagram) and @JetCityRaqs on facebook. The skylark is providing us with a space to congregate and perform, and they are relying on food/beverage sales from the audience to make this a worthwhile endeavor for them. We cannot sustain the show without the audience. On that note, it is really bad form for audience members to only support their friends and not stay for the rest of the show. Emergencies happen, but let's try our best to remain courteous to our fellow performers and the community at large. FAILURE TO PROMOTE THE EVENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA WILL MEAN THAT YOU WILL NOT BE INCLUDED IN FUTURE SHOWS.

4. Please keep your act family friendly and culturally respectful. We want to see a variety of dance styles, ages, genders, ethnicities and bodies in this show, keeping in mind that most of us are borrowing from cultures that are not our own.
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