X-ray Community Decadal Survey White Paper Projects
The X-ray Astrophysics Science Interest Group (XR SIG) would like to offer community members the opportunity to advertise any Decadal Survey White Papers they are considering writing, including if they would like broader participation.

If you are writing or would like to write an X-ray Astrophysics Science white paper, please fill out the form below.
Responses will be posted to the X-ray SIG white paper website: https://pcos.gsfc.nasa.gov/sigs/xrsig/whitepapers.php

Responses will be monitored and posted to the website every few business days.

Please direct questions, concerns, or comments to Ryan Hickox ‎[Ryan.C.Hickox@dartmouth.edu]‎ and John Tomsick ‎[jtomsick@ssl.berkeley.edu]‎‎

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