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Peacefest On The Town is a new music festival located in the Town of Peace River, Alberta. In order to have open communication with clear expectations for both parties, all Peacefest On The Town committee terms must be checked and agreed with in order to continue with Artist applications. We are a multi-genre festival and want to promote, Alberta Artists, Peace Regional Artists, and Canadian Artists.

Event Dates: June 12th & 13th, 2020
Where: Downtown Peace River, Alberta!
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To begin the application process to this form you must agree to the following terms:
PERFORMANCE FEES: The majority of payment for artists is based upon $200 per artist/musician within a band, per performance, unless agreements have been pre-approved by the board prior to application. This does not include sound techs. Example : Trio band plays 3 performances over 2 day festival will be paid $1800.(3 members x $200= $600, 3 performances x $600 = $1800). *
ACCOMMODATIONS: Artists agree to receive accommodations from local community members known as billeting. This is not only cost-effective for a newly growing festival but can create lasting relationships and a strong fan base for artists and bands. Accommodations will be provided to artists who live "more" than an hour away and perform past 12:00am. Please let us know if no accommodations are needed *
MILEAGE: Mileage can be provided to those who live more than an hour away from the Town of Peace River and a set amount will be negotiated and agreed upon prior to the contract. *
PERCUSSION / DRUMS: The majority of the venues are amplified acoustic-based spaces. If needed, bands must bring percussion instruments (Cajon, shakers, bongo) in place of a drumset. There are limited spots for full band sets, but the majority of venues are solo to trio acoustic sets. *
NUMBER OF PERFORMANCES: Our committee goal is to let artists/bands play more than once during the two days of the festival but the number of performances will depend on availability and committee discretion. *
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