Fall 2018 Life Groups

Please select the group you would like to attend. Groups are full at 20 people. If you select a group that is full, we will contact you to select another. PLEASE FILL OUT ONE FORM FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL IN YOUR FAMILY ATTENDING
“The True Way” (Matthew 5-7) A Study of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount
There are really only two ways to live: “The True Way” that Jesus teaches us, or the way of the rest of the world. This Fall, our whole church and each Life Group will study the True Way that Jesus taught his followers in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). We will consider questions like: What really makes a Christian different? How do we truly keep God’s commands? How do we practice true spiritual life when fasting, praying and giving? How do we battle against going the wrong ways of greed, worry and judging? How do we know whether or not we are on the true way? How do we recognize if others are on it? This will be a powerful and transforming series for each group.
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