Pre-Order for ALL Signings
Hi! I've recently re-worked this form to make it easier than ever to order!

Books are alphabetical by SERIES or standalone title.
Some singles/bundles will require special order because I do not keep them in stock, please allow 4 weeks lead time.

1. Invoices will be sent via PayPal from The Sugargrove Book Company.
2. Books will be personalized PRIOR to the event.
3. PLEASE SPECIFY how you want the books PERSONALIZED!!!
4. If you do not claim your books, please know all PAID PRE-ORDERS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.
5. If you are unable to make the signing, YOU AGREE TO PAY all shipping and handling charges.
6. NO refunds.

To order signed paperbacks, please visit

Thank you!!!
k xx
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Books Available:
*** Special Orders.*** Not available at table. Please order 4-6 weeks in advance.
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Personalization Requests (BOOKS will be made out to this name! If you are a blogger or buying a book as a gift, PLEASE SPECIFY!!!) THIS IS IN AN EFFORT TO SAVE US BOTH TIME!!! THANK YOU! k ~ xx *
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