2016-2017 Sunday School Registration
Please register you child/children for the 2016-2017 school year!!!!!!

Please complete the information below to enroll your child/children in Sunday School.
You must individually register each child.
Your donation of $10 per child will provide books and materials to be used in Sunday School. Please mail a check to the church office, pay through Paypal on the the Saint Barbara website, or with a credit or debit card.

Please remember, families MUST be stewards of Saint Barbara for your child to participate in the Sunday School program.
(Anyone with financial difficulty, please contact Fr. Paul)

Child Information
(Grade is the grade the child is entering American School in October.)
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Please enroll my child in the Sunday School program.
I understand that I have a sacred responsibility to see the Religious Education of my child. I will work in partnership with the priest and the Sunday School staff to fulfill my sacred responsibility. I therefore promise to make a conscientious effort to see that my children attend Sunday School regularly, to reinforce their lessons at home, and to help, as needed, with special projects of the Sunday School.
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