New Client Questionnaire
Are you interested in becoming a FI-nancial Planner client? I'd love to learn more about you before scheduling an introductory call, as it will help us be more efficient in digging into the questions and topics you really care about! But first, a little about working together:

FI-nancial Planner offers comprehensive financial planning, investment management, and tax planning services. The fee is based on the complexity of your situation starting at the amounts below.

Financial Planning - $1,000 initial fee plus ongoing monthly retainer starting at $500
Tax Preparation - based on the complexity of your tax returns
Investment Management - 0.5% on balances above $250,000 (first $250,000 is included free of charge)

Typical situations that lead to a fee above the minimum include: self-employment or business ownership, rental properties, substantial investment assets, stock options, RSUs, marriage and/or children.

The questionnaire below will help me learn more about you---where you are in terms of location, life plans, and your financial picture. This information allows us to be more productive on our initial call, so that you can come away with a few immediate recommendations and a clear picture of what we would accomplish together! It's okay if you don't have all the answers; fill in what you can and we can work on getting organized together later.

Once I receive your questionnaire, I will reach out within 3 business days to follow up with next steps.

Thank you!
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