In our current housing climate, your perspective matters!
We are conducting a comprehensive community impact study of the North East section of Bend, as a means of seeing how the area compares to other regions across the US. NeighborImpact collecting feedback on your thoughts and experiences of living in your neighborhood, and your participation helps us to continue to serve the Central Oregon community.

This survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Thank you for your time! There will be prizes for those who complete it.

Please answer the following questions about the community in which you live.
1. Address:
(This information is confidential, and will only be used to verify that your address is one of the randomized addressed that have been invited to participate, in order to ensure that our results are statistically valid.)
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First, we'd like to know your thoughts about living in your community.
2. How long have you lived in this community? Please answer in years and months.
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3. Overall, considering everything, how satisfied would you say your are living in this community?
4. Please describe why you feel this way.
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5. Right now, how likely are you to recommend this community to someone else as a good place to live?
6. Please describe why you feel this way.
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