Skiku Volunteer Coach Virtual (& Local) Outreach Opportunities for 2020/2021
Thank you for your interest in staying connected with Skiku during a strange and challenging time. Fortunately, skiing is a great activity to pursue outdoors in the wintertime while safely distancing!

We hope you can join Skiku to help get kids all across Alaska active from a distance. Our primary means of reaching rural skiers is through a planned eight-week skiing challenge guided by weekly instructional and inspirational videos. We are inviting all of our past participating communities that have ski equipment to manage gear checkout and share our video content that is intended to teach and inspire students about skiing.

We hope to connect remotely with communities in other creative ways as well, and that's where you come in! We would like to connect interested schools to a real live skiing enthusiast who can commit a small amount of time each week to help coach via live video chat, a.k.a. "Adopt-a-Ski-Village". This could take a wide variety of forms such as teaching a game, leading a strength workout, sharing and demonstrating technique tips, answering questions that skiers may have, and simply providing mentorship to a group of aspiring skiers in a remote community.

Our wonderful volunteers are still the heart of our program and we can still use your support to continue sharing the joys of skiing with youth and families throughout the state. We also want your input and suggestions for making a positive impact on rural skiers from a distance.

For those of you in the Anchorage vicinity, there is a possibility that we will be able to do some in-person ski outreach with coaches in the Anchorage area, but as we know, planning for in-person activities is highly fluid and subject to change.
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Are you interested in "Adopting" a village — Connecting with a particular community to lead ski technique, workout, or activity sessions via live video, ideally on a weekly basis for an 8 week period
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Are you interested in volunteering at any single-day local events involving skiing like the Cuddy Park Winter Jamboree, the Solstice Tour of Trees, or Ski4Kids?
This would only occur with a Covid-19 mitigation plan in place and a policy of maintaining sufficient distancing and face coverings for all participants.
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Are you interested in volunteering locally in the Anchorage area for programs with multiple sessions, like the Muni Parks and Rec ski outreach field trips, working with an after-school ski program, or helping with a holiday ski camp?
This would only occur with a Covid-19 mitigation plan in place and a policy of maintaining sufficient distancing and face coverings for all participants.
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Are you interested in helping in other ways besides coaching, such as with website and social media updates, or helping sharing the Skiku & NANANordic Story?
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Are you interested in hearing about any other potential volunteer opportunities with Skiku that may arise, whether virtual or in-person?
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Have you volunteered for a Skiku/NANANordic village trip previously? *
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Adopt-A-Village for skiing community Preference: Do you have a specific village you'd like to work with?
Past experience with a community may help build rapport. Opportunity in a particular village is not guaranteed, as it depends on availability of school personnel to facilitate on the ground in any given community.
Please share any ideas you have about what might make for a successful remote ski coaching session/series.
Help get kids skiing across Alaska!
Have you volunteered with Skiku at any local (in Anchorage vicinity) ski outreach programs before?
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Do you work for a company that has an employee matching fund, charitable foundation, or otherwise supports employee volunteer efforts? Please indicate the company and type of program.
This can include donation matching, financial support for logged hours of volunteer service, and grant awards based on recommendations by employees. Many companies and associated charitable foundations preferentially award grants and sponsorships to programs in which their employees engage as volunteers or participants.
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You must have current Health insurance coverage to participate. We may ask for proof of coverage to participate in Skiku programs.
Have you Completed SafeSport Training? *
We may ask you to complete SafeSport training before serving as a Skiku coach. Some of you may have received Safesport training through other programs like your athletic team, USSA or USBA. You can submit your completion certificates to If you have not completed safesport training, we may send you instructions once you have been selected as a coach.
Anything else you'd like to add about yourself or your thoughts on this season?
For example, your background in skiing and coaching, your job, your experience with students, etc.
Thanks for signing up! We are planning to keep our volunteers informed as we develop ways to stay engaged with Skiku's wider skiing community, Please don't hesitate to contact the office ( with any questions or concerns before then. Be on the lookout for updates and opportunities between now and then!

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