Upcoming Flow Game host trainings 2019.
Please be helpful to make these trainings happen with healthy and conscious organisation and economy by registering early and by completing both your registration and payment to confirm your place at the training.
All details (including payment options) are mentioned on the website or in the email/ invitation sent to you.
Your questions will help us design a gathering that more closely meets your needs.

Here is the Flow Game host compact for your information and inspiration - please read and reflect to make a conscious decision if this is a practise for you:
Which training?
Concerning travel arrangements, arrival and check-in is on the day before the training from approximately 15.00 onwards.
If the training takes place over 3 days, the 3rd day is a practise day hosting games for the local community. Closing on the 3rd day will be latest by 18.00
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Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements or allegies to meet during the training days and we'll do our best to meet them
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Please reflect on and answer these 4 questions
Why do you want to become a Flow Game Host practitioner? *
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Where and with whom do you feel inspired to host the Flow Games to help create clarity and flow for others in their life and work? *
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What questions do you have around the training to be able to host Flow Games? *
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How many Flow games have you played and with whom? *
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Training fee
Training Fee and Payment - consciousness around economy.

We are making a conscious effort to train people who can, and will, practise hosting many useful Flow Games through their lives, in service of themselves and others, to live more consciously, practising peaceful co-existence and well-being for all.

The most important question for you, as a future Flow Game host, is to consider and decide if this is something for you to be and do as a contribution to your world.

The training fee is 15.000 DKK (Danish currency) - approx. 2,020 Euro - 3000 CAD - 2300 US$ at today's rate of currency exchange (autumn 2018) - [NB. Conversion rates are always fluctuating; please check conversion rates when applying to become a Flow Host for the most up to date rates].

• If you can pay the full price it will be much appreciated — as that allows us to train and provide games to new Flow Game hosts in other part of the world with a challenged economical context.

• If you cannot pay the full price — do not worry, but please offer what you can...and a little bit more.

There is flexibility in case you wish to make a payment plan and pay in e.g. 2-3 instalments over a certain period.

We all share the responsibility to make this happen with generosity, dignity and flow.
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