The Fifth World - Beta Playtest Feedback
Thank you for playtesting the Fifth World! Your feedback is extraordinarily important to us. Please be as honest as you can. Your honest feedback can only help us make sure that the game is as good as it can be when it's fully released.
What did you like most about the game?
Tell us the one thing you enjoyed most about the game. How good was it? Why did you like it?
Your answer
What did you like least about the game?
Tell us the one thing that you disliked most about the game. How bad was it? Why did you dislike it?
Your answer
What confused you most about the game?
Tell us the one thing you had the hardest time understanding in the game. How confusing was it? What made it confusing?
Your answer
How much did you enjoy the game?
Terrible, frustrating, and boring
Best game I've ever played
How easy was the game to learn?
Incredibly easy
Incredibly difficult
How peaceful was your family?
Your family probably doesn't go around talking about how peaceful or warlike they are, since to them it's just the way they are, but how peaceful did they seem to you?
Not peaceful at all
Violence is unheard of
How abundant was your family's territory?
Your family might talk about their deprivation because they have to eat pine nuts this season, but how abundant did their lifestyle seem to you?
Post-Apocalyptic Hellscape
Seemed like Paradise
How much do you admire your family?
I hate these people.
I wish I could live with them.
What is your name?
Tell us your name as you'd like it to appear in the game's final playtesting credits.
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What is your email address?
If you'd like to receive a special invitation to join (and earn the "Guinea Pig" achievement), let us know your email address. We won't use it for any other purpose.
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Would you like an invitation for the Fifth World website?
Thank you for providing feedback for this playtest. As a thank you, we'd like to invite you to join the Fifth World website at
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