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As part of our Customer-Obsession initiatives, CaPEx would like to ask for your feedback and recommendations about how we have served you. Your responses will truly help us improve to serve you even better.

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                   Very Satisfactory          (4)
                   Satisfactory                   (3)
                   Needs Improvement     (2)
                   Unacceptable                (1)

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1) ON-TIME DELIVERY: Cargoes delivery at the destination within the timeframe committed? *
2) PRICE: Our rates are reasonably priced? *
3) TRIP SCHEDULE: Trips are aligned to my business requirements? *
4) AGILITY AND ACCURACY: Any changes to commitment are informed to clients immediately? *
5) FLEXIBILITY OF SERVICES: We offer appropriate services that suits your requirements/needs? *
6) QUALITY OF SERVICE: Service free from error or rework? *
7) SPEED OF SERVICE: Transactions, paperwork or operational, are done quickly without sacrificing quality? *
8) EASE OF SERVICE: Transacting from start of booking to closing of sale and delivery of service are readily is easy? *
9) SAFETY AND SECURITY: We are in the business of safety and as such, do we demonstrate adherence to health, safety and environmental standards? *
10) CUSTOMER SERVICE: Our team of engaged professionals and experts in their area of operations, is readily available to assist you with any concerns before, during or after a shipment? *
11) Which factors influenced you the most to transact with CaPEx? Please choose 3. *
12) Which aspect do you think needs further improvement for CaPEx? Please choose 3. *
13) What are the 3 factors that will keep you choose CaPEx as your preferred Service Provider? Please choose 3. *
14) Will you refer us to friends or colleagues with logistics requirements? *
15) Please tell us OTHER factor/s that you feel are important to you but were not on the list. *
Thank you for your time and effort in answering this survey!
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