IndieCon 2021 Participate Survey
Thank you so much for your interest in IndieCon 2021! This short survey will allow us to better help you achieve your goal and to put on an amazing Con!
What is your Discord name?
What is your Twitter?
What's would you like your Role on the discord to be?
How much time would be willing to spend around or helping out with the Convention?
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Would you like to be a part of a Panel?
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If you answered Yes to doing a panel, what kind of Panel would you like to be apart of?
Would you be interested in doing a Playthrough?
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If you answered yes to doing a playthrough what would you like to play?
Describe what you wish to accomplish within the Convention!
If there was a Convention Guild or a Flyer what would you like it to say about you or your group?
If we are to do giveaways would you be willing to give something? (Honestly no pressure if you don't want too)
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What is the best way to contact you?
Drop your links below to let people know where they can find you!
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