You are interested to be invited as attendee for the European Game Showcase during GDC, great!
The European Game Showcase at GDC is an event where European developers can meet press, publishers and strategic partners.

The main organization team of the event is (in alphabetical order) Dajana Dimovska, Eva Gaspar, Tobias Kopka and Alessandra van Otterlo, and we also get support from various other people and organisations.

The fourth edition of this event takes place late afternoon and early evening March 17 in San Francisco (during GDC).

This is an invite only event. If you are a member of the press, a publisher, platform holder or potential strategic partner and you want to be considered for the European Game Showcase guest list, please fill out this form.
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Best regards,
Dajana Dimovska, Eva Gaspar, Tobias Kopka and Alessandra van Otterlo
Our partners and sponsors
The European Game Showcase is a non-profit event and for financing we depend on sponsoring. If you want to help us, please contact us via Thank you!
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