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How is the Year of Inquiry cost determined: Over time, this has taken careful consideration and input from many advisors. Year of Inquiry involves 15-20 hours live group time each month, written sharing on a forum, partner pairing every month, and focused practice in topics in The Work every month. YOI is the most significant and high-touch program Grace offers (although Eating Peace runs a close second). Please consider this and share what you're able to contribute for the year (monthly or one-time payment). One session with Grace and most experienced facilitators is $85-$150 for one hour, the School for The Work is $5500, most 6-8 week courses in The Work meeting once a week cost $125-$395, a 4-5 day personal growth/meditation retreat typically costs $395-$795 (plus travel--in the olden day of airplane travel). YOI is only $1997 for a full year of non-stop support in your work all online. Please answer what you are able to contribute at this time and why you'd like financial assistance? *
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