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This edition of 2CO will be enriched with a series of workshops, which will take place immediately before the beginning of the conference, on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd of November. For a detailed description of each workshop, check here: http://2coconference.org/2017/speakers.php#s3
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List of Workshops: LONG (LW) and SHORT (SW)
Please note that there are two kinds of workshops: LONG, 16 hours and SHORT, 8 hours in sessions of 4/h each

LW. LONG WORKSHOPS (8 hours/day, morning and afternoon. Tue 9:30-13:30_14:30-18:30h; Wed 9-13_14-17:30h)

Title: Processing complexity. How to design great information graphics.
Professors: Michael Stoll, Alfredo Calosci.
Language: English (with Spanish and Italian support)
Preference: 2CO international conference participants, 3rd-4th Year and Master students

Title: In-camera simplicity. Animation basics for data presentation.
Professors: Nicolò Ceccarelli, Eleni Tsampra
Language: English
Preference: 2CO international conference participants, 3rd-4th Year and Master students

Title: Introduction to Video Scribing.
Professors: Alfonso Ruiz, Alicia Morales
Language: Spanish + English
Preference: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Year and Master students

Title: Design of information oriented to the exhibition of complex data.
Professors: Noa Real
Language: Spanish + English
Preference: 1st and 2nd Year Design students

Title: Exhibition Design: Structure in space. Space between us.
Professors: Magda Pińczyńska, Wojciech Kapela, Carlos Jiménez.
Language: English + Spanish
Preference: No preference. Open to everyone. Welcomed 1st and 2nd Year Design students


SW. SHORT WORKSHOPS (4h/day, morning or afternoon).

Title: Dialograma, el juego de diagramar la dialéctica
Professor: Jaime Serra
Language: Spanish
Preference: Open to everyone
Afternoon: Tue: 15-19h; Wed 14-18h

Title: Visualizando valores éticos en la práctica del Diseño
Professor: Antoni Mañach
Language: Spanish
Preferences: Open to everyone
Morning: 10-14h. Posibilidad de ofrecer sesión de tarde si hay socios/as de di-Ca interesados/as.

Title: Draw me a coffee. A collaborative experience to understand how to design complexity
Professor: Letizia Bollini
Language: English
Preferences: Open to everyone
Afternoon: Tue: 15-19h; Wed 14-18h

Workshop registration. Preferences
Workshop attendance will be limited to a maximum of 20 people each. So although we will try to do our best to accommodate everyone's desires, some may have to attend a 2nd or 3rd CHOICE workshop.Please use the following field to indicate your preferences, in order of liking.
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