APRIL 22, 2016 Pittsburg ArtWalk ARTIST Sign Up Form
This form is for Artists and/or Organizations interested in participating in Pittsburg's April 2016 ArtWalk. It will be held on April 22, 2016 from 5 - 9 p.m. If you are a VENDOR OR CONCESSION wanting to participate, please fill out a different form. You MUST fill out an application AND be approved by the ArtWalk committee to set up at this event.

Pittsburg ArtWalk takes place Downtown Pittsburg, Kansas in a 3-4 block range. Most artists are placed either in a business window or in the street in front of businesses. As an artist, it is your choice how you want to display. We encourage Artist to find their own business to work with, but if you don't have one, we can coordinate a space for you.

This form is for visual artists/organizations only! Musicians, please contact Roger Horton at rogerleroyhortonjr@hotmail.com.

ArtWalk Organizers require that you display NEW work that has not previously been displayed at ArtWalk in the past. Your work is required to be either matted, framed or on canvas and presented in a professional manner. 3D pieces are at the artist discretion. We suggest that you post an artist statement and/or your name and contact information along with your display.

Please be aware that you will need to make contact with the business you are paired up with to discuss a plan for the display area and to coordinate a setup/take down time with them. If you are setting up a table for display in the street you will find your location marked on the street with a letter of the alphabet. We will email you with your assigned letter before the event.

You are welcome to set up your own location with a business, there is a section on this form where you can tell us where you will be located. We encourage this so that you get the location that you want! But if you do this, you'll need to setup on the sidewalk or inside the business.

Your work must be completed and on display by Thursday April 21, 2016. No later than 3 p.m. on April 22, 2016. After the event your artwork can be removed from display or left on display, at the discretion of the business owner. Communicate with your business for setup and take down. You can even work together and have a reception during the Artwalk if you’d like. The road will close down at 4 p.m, you can start setting up after that time. Tear down is after the Artwalk is over at 9 p.m.

You are more than welcome to sell your Artwork. There is no fee for this, but your work must be hand made with no commercial products making up 50% of any one particular item. You will have to provide your own table and chairs. The ArtWalk Organizers will decide what is acceptable to sell during the ArtWalk. You will also be expected to fill out proper tax documentation for any sales you make during the Pittsburg ArtWalk (you may obtain this ahead of time at Sweet Designs Cakery 311 N Broadway Pittsburg, KS) and remit the proper taxes to the state on your own accord.

Remember, if you are working with a local business, please sign up with us so that we can include you on the map and promotional materials.

Please email any other questions to pittsburgartwalk@gmail.com or write to us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pittsburgartwalk.

By filling out and submitting this form you are stating that you have read and understand/agree to the above guidelines and suggestions.

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