Rockingham County Health and Human Services Division of Public Health Client Satisfaction Survey
If you or a family member recently received services at the Rockingham County Division of Public Health, we would appreciate feedback regarding the care you experienced. Feedback from our patients will help us learn how we are meeting your expectations and what we can do to better meet the needs of our patient community. Visit our patient portal to interact with your healthcare provider.
What program/ clinic did you receive service from today? Check all that apply. *
If you were seen in the Family Planning Clinic, please tell us how you heard about our FP services. *
How easy or difficult was it to schedule your appointment at a time that was convenient for you? *
How well do the hours of operation meet your needs? *
Did your appointment with your provider start early, late, or on time? *
Rate our service by checking in the appropriate area. *
Very Good
How well did your provider listen to your needs?
How well did your provider answer your questions?
Overall, how would you rate the service you received from our staff at the office?
If you attended a health education class or a presentation led by a health educator, please rate the following statements regarding your event. *
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
The presenter was very organized.
The presenter began on time and used the time well.
The presenter was extremely clear.
The presenter was well prepared.
The presenter was responsive to questions.
The presenter had good presentation skills.
The presenter held the attention of the audience.
The presenter used audio-visual materials that were easy to see and hear. (if applicable)
Presenter/participant interaction was sufficient.
This presentation was well tailored to the audience.
SPANISH ONLY: Rate our service by checking in the appropriate area.
Very Good
Were you offered interpreter services?
Did the interpreter treat you kind and facilitate communication between you and the health team?
How would you rate your satisfaction with your ability to access care?
How would you rate your ability to understand the information provided by your provider?
Clear selection
Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied were you with your last visit to our office? *
Please give any suggestions or comments you may have to help us meet your needs.
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