Usernames for Astroinformatics Summer School 2018
During the Astroinformatics summer school, students will engage in lessons that make use of remote computing resources. Please create accounts on BOTH the and systems. (Instructions are provided below.) Then provide your usernameson these systems via the form below, so that we can provide you access to resources associated with the Astroinformatics summer school.
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Email *
This is the email that we will use for sharing files and sending invites to access online resources (e.g.,, Google Drive,
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Username for XSEDE *
To create an XSEDE account, go to, click the "Create Account" button on the left, and follow the instructions.
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Username for *
To create an account on, . If you already have an an SDSS CasJobs account, then that will be sufficient you may simply provide your existing username (but you should still login at least once to confirm that it still works for you).
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