Our Monmouthshire
We’d like to talk you about what’s good about your community, what would make it better, now and in the future.

Monmouthshire is facing some really big challenges. Budgets for public services are declining while expectations are going up. We have an ageing population rising property prices and comparatively low wages are making it harder for young families to live and work locally. These come on top of issues like increased global migration and changes to weather patterns that could result in more flooding and problems for farmers.

Our Monmouthshire is about all of us addressing the needs of future as well as current generations.

In April 2016 a new piece of legislation, The Well-being of Future Generations Act was launched. This means that we need to begin planning at least ten and ideally up to 25 years into the future. The decisions we make now will have real implications for our children and grandchildren. We need to work together to make sure we get this right. This means that all public services must plan for the long-term and really understand what well-being means to our county and the communities within it.

Your thoughts will help us make sure we address some of the really big challenges that Monmouthshire faces in coming years.

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