NYC Crit Club Fall 2019 Application Form (Registration for past members)
Dear first-time applicants and past NYC Crit Club members,

Thank you for your interest in joining NYC Crit Club's classes. Please fill out ALL the questions below, even if you have applied previously and are already a member with us.

For new members: this is a juried application and applicants are accepted based on the merit of the work on their website. For past members: this form helps us to register you in the class with your most recent information.

IMPORTANT: First-time applicants and alumni members must complete this form and pay the $25 application fee via Venmo to @HilaryLDoyle or pay pal via to complete the application.

Thank you for filling out the information below. We look forward to reviewing your info!

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Your name (first and last), nickname, pronunciation, and pronouns *
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What class or classes would you like to apply to join this Fall? *
Are you a returning member or a new applicant?
What are your preferred weekday(s) for classes? Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday? List days in order of preference and all that you can do. Likely to run multiple classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday *
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Please check all days of the week you will you be free for field trips or an additional class day-- weekends daytime or weekday evenings?
How many weeks do you anticipate missing? Please also list dates you will be unable to attend classes. Make up classes are available. Let us know about any extenuating circumstances that may prevent you from attending here too.
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Do you have a studio or home space that a 12-person group can visit one or two of our weekly visits? If not, no worries you can always present your work at other studios and spaces! *
If you answered yes or maybe to studio question enter your studio address (floor and buzzer too) and info for us to share for a host day where the class visits your studio/apartment for critiques.
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If you answered yes to above what is the square footage of your space?
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If you have a studio: Do you also have a projector or TV with HDMI connection for laptops? (This is not needed but would help us to know in advance)
Would you be able to host the second week of classes at your studio or home space?
Cell number: *
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Emergency Contact info: Name, Relationship to you, and cell *
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Website link (You will be juried on the work on your website. If you do not have a website email us 10 images 1MB each (or 5 min of video on vimeo) to
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Whats your educational background in art? List BFA and/or MFA and the specific school(s) you attended, major and year if applicable. If you do not have an art degree, please list your studies or degree!
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Venmo username ( OR paypal email accepted if you cannot use venmo) *
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Instagram username (if applicable)
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Facebook Username (if applicable)
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How do you self identify your gender?
How to do self identify your ethnicity?
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Are there any members or applicants you know you might want to be in the same class as next semester if accepted? (we can't promise but we can try!)
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To complete application or for alum registration send to Venmo username @Hilaryldoyle OR Paypal username NEW applicants AND past members must submit $35 late application processing fee every new season to complete your request to join. If you applied before and were accepted please pay again so we can place you in a class. Thank you! Have you paid the required $35 processing fee for THIS Fall 2019 Application? *
Please Read: I am aware and accept that NYC Crit Club does not accept returns or exchanges for classes. Members are responsible for payment of ALL classes the week before class whether or not they will be in attendance. For weekly/monthly classes attendance is mandatory for all classes in order to present with guest critics in the middle and end. Up to 1-2 classes may be made up by attending and paying for field trips. Members should present on the day scheduled. If you absolutely cannot present you must switch on your own. As in a college course artists must email us if they know they will miss a class also in addition to still paying for the class they missed. These policies are to encourage better attendance and organization which helps with greater impact on your work, honors your slot in the class and helps us keep classes running. Thank you for understanding! *
Safety: NYC Crit club meets at artist studios and galleries across New York City. We ask you promise to travel and act with safety first when going to, attending or leaving classes. Example: Please bike with caution and in bike lanes even if this is a slower route. shows safest bike routes for travel. When biking to and from class please do not rush or travel with large artwork. Lateness IS permitted to help promote safe unhurried travel. Class is not obligatory in inclement weather- check your email or let us know if you see inclement weather warnings. When commuting by foot please do so in groups- Let us know if you need a travel partner! NYC Crit Club is not liable for any event, injury or damage to artwork that may happen during, before or after NYC Crit Club's classes such as any unforeseen event. Please let us know of any safety concerns if they arise so we can do our best to help keep everyone safe- We care deeply about you and your safety. *
How did you hear about NYC Crit Club? If on Instagram who's IG page(s) did you see us on?
Your answer
For past members: How many semesters have you attended so far? Thank you for your dedication!
Feedback: Any additional notes, reflections, questions or feedback you would like us to consider for the summer semester? Let us know if you want to apply for our work study program in exchange for sliding scale class prices here. We can only offer this to a select number of artists who really cannot afford to attend weekly but still can attend weekly.
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To complete this application please submit the above form and 25$ application processing fee if you did not already for the new semester. New applicants we look forward to reviewing your application! Past members we are thrilled to have you back on board! For questions please see our website's ABOUT and FAQ page for info and/or Email us at Thanks, Hilary and Catherine
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