Заявки на аккредитацию принимаются до 10 февраля 2018 года через вэбсайт

Аккредитованным журналистам предоставляется:
• - право пользования пресс-центром, доступом в интернет в пресс-центре
• - пресс-кит, содержащий основную информацию о соревновании (выдаётся при
завершении процедуры
• аккредитации),
• - доступ на церемонии открытия, награждения и закрытия соревнования,
• - возможность участия в пресс-конференциях, презентациях, брифингах.
• - доступ в сервисные парки
• - доступ на трассу (в специально обозначенных наиболее видовых местах),
• - право первоочередного доступа к информации о происходящем на соревновании,
в т.ч. оповещение о событиях.
• - помощь по организации интервью с участниками гонки, официальными лицами и
организаторами соревнования.
Аккредитованная пресса по запросу может получить комплект фотографий
официальной пресс-службы для публикации в СМИ.
Аккредитованные телевизионные бригады по запросу могут получить видеоматериалы,
отснятые профессиональной съёмочной группой медиа-службы.

Applications for accreditation are accepted until 10 February, 2018 on the website
Accredited media are provided:
• - the right to use the Press Center, internet access in the Press Center
• - press kit, containing basic information about the competition (issued at accreditation procedures
• - access to the opening, prize-giving ceremony and closing ceremonies,
• - the opportunity to participate in press conferences, presentations, briefings,
• - access to the Service Park
• - access to the track (in designated picturesque areas)
• - the right to priority access to information about what is happening during the competition, including
event notification.
• - assistance in arranging interviews with the race participants, officials and competition organizers.
Accredited media can receive upon request a set of official press service photos for the publication.
Accredited television crews can receive upon request videos, made by professional media service
e-mail: media@northern-forest.ru

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Для доступа в приграничную зону: Паспорт, дата выдачи, кем выдан, номер, серия/ For the border zone: Passport, date of issue, place of issue, number. *
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Список автотранспорта - Владелец /The list of vehicles for collectively pass - owner
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Тип автотранспорта, марка, Государственный регистрационный знак, Идентификационный номер (VIN) / Type, Mark, Registration number, VIN
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Я осознаю, что / I Agree to supply
I certify that all information I have provided is correct.
I undertake to provide the information on air / publications of all my matters about “Northern Forest 2018” Baja to the official press service e-mail: media@northern-forest.ru

1) Agree to supply a list of major publications OF MY work for with examples of work (text and/or images) if I work for an agency or as a freelance.

(If you provide material (text/images) solely for websites, then you will supply links to 10 examples of your original work relating to rounds of the World Cross-County rally in 2017).

2) Accept that the media pass is the property of Northern Forest and can be withdrawn at any time.
3) Attend any media safety briefings scheduled as required.

I'm journalist, accredited for a motorsport event, undertake to:

- comply with safety regulations and comply with the rally officials, security marshals, line judges and those involved in the security of the rally.

- select the indicated shooting points for the media, avoiding the presence in dangerous and illegal turns, guided by the following schemes of security, including, but not limited to:

- Always keep the sports car in sight

- Do not stand with my back to the rally track

- Do not sit near the track; to be able to move urgently

- Do not stand on the corners outside

- Do not stand below the road

- Do not stand in the prohibited areas

- Expect the unexpected: the car due to a malfunction can start moving NOT by the rally track

- Do not cross the rally track

I have read and understood these safety rules at the motorsport events.

I understand the danger that might be associated with my professional duties of the journalist performance at the competition.

I am responsible for my life and health

Red zones- Dangerous area. Avoid being in these sectors on the rally track!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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