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Evaluation Tool
The following evaluation of your team members is a tool to help improve your experience with group work. Its purpose is to determine those who have been active and cooperative members as well as to identify those who did not participate. Be consistent when evaluating each group member’s performance by using the guidelines below. COMPLETE A FORM FOR YOURSELF AS WELL AS EACH OF YOUR GROUP MEMBERS.

Source: Journal of Student Centered Learning
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Has the student attended team meetings? *
Has the member made a serious effort at assigned work before the team meetings? *
Has the student made a serious effort to fulfill his/her team role responsibilities on assignment? *
Has the student notified a teammate if he/she would not be able to attend a meeting or fulfill a responsibility? *
Does the student attempt to make contributions in the team meetings? *
Does the student listen to his/her teammates' ideas and opinions respectfully and give them careful consideration? *
Does the student cooperate with the group effort? *
Based on your responses to these questions, assign an overall rating on the following scale: *
These ratings should reflect each individual’s level of participation and effort and sense of responsibility, not his or her academic ability.
In order to improve group functioning in the future and give insight to your ratings, please fill out the following sections to better inform your group and myself.
What strengths did this group member offer the team? Was there anything particularly awesome about this member that you would like to share with them? *
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What advice would you offer this group member to improve their performance in the group? Are there particular issues that you can recall with this team member that were especially a problem for your group? *
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Is there any other information about this group member that you would like to share with me?
This section will not be shared with the group member being evaluated. Instead, I will use this information for group troubleshooting or project insight.
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