Mixed classroom in Practice
The Vrije Universiteit aims to provide an open environment to students with backgrounds that vary on many different dimensions, such as religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, and socioeconomic status. Often, both in literature and in practice, the ‘diverse classroom’ and the ‘International Classroom’ are considered two different concepts, each with their own challenges and opportunities. In the context of the VU, we bring these concepts together. We believe that learning outcomes can benefit from building upon the diversity that is present in the classroom, towards constructive outcomes.

As educational framework we use the Mixed Classroom Educational Model VU, which focuses on the eventual outcome of students being able to capitalize on different perspectives within the group. To reach that goal, we follow the three phases as defined in the Mixed Classroom Educational Model. We look at students’ wish for a sense of belonging, possibilities of identification, complex group dynamics and implicit associations.
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Participants will complete a portfolio consisting of relevant literature, preparation for the three sessions, and an intervention aimed at promoting and stimulating inclusion. The date and place of birth will only be used to process the final certificate. You can also provide us with these details later.

The programme has a study load of 18 hours.
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