Homework Survey (Students)
What grade are you in?
Who is your (homeroom) teacher?
In what subjects do you receive regular homework?
In what subject do you spend the most time each night?
Referring to question #2 (the subject with the most homework) what is the average amount of time you spend on that subject each night?
Other than reading, approximately how many minutes per night do you spend overall doing homework?
How many minutes per night do you read for pleasure or Reading Counts?
How much extra time is required EACH WEEK for studying for tests and completing projects such as book reports, science/history projects?
What types of homework and projects do you feel are most beneficial to you? (Check all that apply)
What types of homework and projects do you feel are least beneficial to you?
Due dates for tests, projects, book reports, etc. are are spread out well and I do not feel they are difficult.
Totally Disagree
Strongly Agree
How much time on an average weekend to you spend doing homework?
What is the main reason you do homework on the weekend? (check all that apply)
What changes (if any) would you like to see made to our homework policy?
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