Replacement Glasses Request
half Helen is fully committed to providing quality service and 100% patient satisfaction. If there is a problem with your child’s glasses, we are able to replace them free of charge.

Prescription Expiration: Prescriptions are valid for one year, and so we are able to replace the glasses your child received from us while their prescription is valid (up to one year).  If it has been more than a year, your child’s vision must be rechecked as their prescription may have changed since their last exam.

Prescriptions: If you wish to get your child’s prescription glasses from another vendor, we are able to provide you with the prescription from your child’s exam. Please indicate this when you contact us.

Replacement Conditions: Conditions in which we can provide replacement glasses include but are not limited to being broken, lost, or stolen. The replacement glasses will be the same exact frame style unless that style is no longer available.
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