Diagnostic Tool for Businesses
Welcome to our free, simple to use self-evaluation tool for business teams. Below there are 20 questions to answer. We will give you a score based on this against three important headings.
• Architecture, Support and Infrastructure
• Culture, Affirmation and Learning
• Confidence Criticism and Empowerment

Thinking about the team that you are developing, score on a scale of 0-5 using the following scoring principles:
0 is where performance in this objective is non-existent or is totally dysfunctional in this area
1 is where there is very little evidence of this objective or the team is significantly underperforming in this area
2 is where there is some limited evidence but there is significant improvement needed
3 is where there a mix of some evidence of mixed levels of performance or delivery but equally some areas are deficient or underperforming
4 is where most elements are addressed and effectively covered however the team has yet to fulfil its full potential
5 is where the team is addressing all performance elements and the issue or performance is fully addressed or has even excelled in all areas of this component objective

We just need five pieces of information about you and your organisation before we start the assessment of your team.

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1) Overall my perception of the team is that they are functioning effectively and performing to the highest standards. *
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2) We have a clearly articulated vision / mission of goals and objectives which translates into a consistent plan and all team members understand the size and scale of what is expected of them *
Not very
Very much
3) There are adequate human, physical and support resources for the team to perform and they have access to all the information that they need to perform and achieve their objectives.
4) Would you like to talk to Foster Developments to explore your results further and see how Foster Developments may be able to develop a team building programme that results in higher performance *
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