BioArt project: Artists Survey Questionnaire
We would greatly appreciate a few minutes of your time to fill out this questionnaire.
BioArt as a new art form, which is associated with different forms of life, raises many debates, controversies, conflicts, approbation or disapprobation. However, research outlining the impact of BioArt exhibitions to the public has not been extensively conducted.
TEI of Athens, in collaboration with researchers from Columbia University  and the Panteion University of Athens, has launched  a research project entitled “BioArt: Borders and definitions. Research project for the development of a widely accepted deontological framework of its production and management”. One of the main focuses of the project is the exploration of biological materials used by artists, their motives, possible conflicts raised by social groups or cultural professionals, legal or ethical restrictions in their respective countries etc. These are the main points explored in the questionnaire that are being addressed to bioartists.
Your participation is entirely voluntary and would be a great help to us. Your response will be treated in strictest confidence.
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Artist Profile
1. Have you ever used biological materials in your work? (tick only one box)
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2. What types of biological materials have you used?
3. Where did your ownership of the biological materials come to be? (tick as many as apply)
4. What was your incentive for using biological materials in your work? (tick only one box)
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5. Do you participate in artistic communities that utilize biological materials?
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6. Have you engaged in collaboration with scientists for the production of BioArt?
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Ethics and Management
7. Have there been restrictions placed in your use of biological materials? (tick as many as apply)
8. Have you encountered reactions upon the exhibit of your work that includes biological materials? (tick as many as apply)
9. Has the reception of your work caused you to reconsider the usage of biological materials in the future?
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9a. If YES, will you make any future changes or modifications in your work? (please specify)  
10. Do you believe that the artists should control the trajectory of their artworks after they have been finished and exhibited to the public?
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10a. How would you like your BioArt works to be handled as time passes? (tick only one box)
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Personal attributes
In this section of the survey we ask questions about you. This is purely for analysis purposes in order to make our findings more meaningful. Your answers will be kept strictly confidential and anonymous.
11. Please indicate which age-group you belong to.
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12. Please indicate your gender.
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13. Please describe your educational background.
14. Please write any additional comments you may have.
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