Patchwork Farms 2021 CSA Veggie Share Signup
It’s finally here!! Signup to become a member of Patchwork Farms weekly vegetable share. We are a small farm focused on growing nutrient dense, heirloom, all organic everything. Your support with a farm share allows us to grow the best food we can with the utmost care for our land, its ecosystem and our community!
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CSA communication are moving to Slack this season! Are you able to use this App? If not, please tell us how we can communicate with you? *
Veggie Option you'd like? We are committed to regenerative practice to grow especially nutrient dense and deeply flavorful varieties. These shares serve individuals and couples with vegetable based diets or for larger families who are lighter on veg chow down. You will notice right away that our vegetables are much tastier and will last much longer than anything you can get at any grocery store. *
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Would you like our food assistance Sliding-Scale payment option? *
To join the Sliding-Scale, please tell us a bit more about yourself to help us understand your situation? It's helpful for us to know your income level, how much your able to pay for the csa and do you identity as BIPOC (we are prioritizing Black, Indigenous, and People of Color for the sliding-scale)?
Payment Option, how will you pay for the CSA? *
Payment Plan (We can do installments to fit your budget!) With this option we ask for your help to stay on top of payments. We are a small crew working crazy hours in-season to grow food. This means we don't have the recourses to chase down late payments. We need your help to make this option possible!
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CSA Pickup from the farm 2825 W Chicago Ave: May 29th - Oct 30th. Each week, beginning Saturdays at 10am, the pickup window ends Tuesdays at 10am. (you have a 3 day window each week to make it out to the farm and pickup!) *
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Thank you for signing up! Please click the "Send me a copy" button so you have a receipt of what your signing up for! We will be in touch shortly to confirm your spot in the CSA.
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