Local Equality Summits
These one-day workshops bring people together for open and honest discussions about how to make the BSA a more welcoming environment for all people. Given the policy changes of the past few years, the main focus will be on the inclusion of gay Scouts and Scouters, but we will strive to discuss topics of diversity and inclusion on broader levels as well – especially topics where we feel the BSA has the most room to grow.

The workshop includes group discussion sessions, leadership Q&A time, and training on Creating Welcoming Environments and SFE’s “YP+” Anti-Bullying program. We’ll also be featuring a viewing of Camp Abercorn, the pilot episode of a series following the lives of the staff at a fictionalized version of a Boy Scout summer camp.

The workshop is designed for people involved in Scouting, or who are thinking about getting involved in Scouting in the future. Most specifically, this applies to the BSA, but people from all Scouting backgrounds are highly encouraged to attend, and it is open to the general public.

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