One story is poignant. Thousands of stories are powerful. At first, we were overwhelmed by the nearly universal response from healthcare providers across the country: appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is lacking. Then, we kept hearing about young patients. Healthy patients. Patients who should be home and walking, fighting for their lives on ventilators. Next, we heard about the front lines...all of you. Not only were you taking on Covid-19 unprotected and unheard, you were becoming infected. Physicians, infected and out of work. Nurses, critically ill and fighting for every breath. Tell us your story. Share your situations. I understand that it can feel challenging to be candid as a healthcare provider, but this is the difference between life and death. This is the key to help flatten the curve. Simply put, what started as a mission for masks is so much larger now. You are on the front lines of a war, and your insights will help us to anticipate problems and create solutions. This isn't just a Washington issue. This isn't just a New York City Issue. This is a global issue, and your stories will shape the actions that follow. Your courage is inspiring. Your experience is telling. Your stories are truth. (All information shared is anonymous, so please share as much as feels comfortable. Any identifying information will be whited out.)
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