Beanlife Tempeh orders
Hello! Before you order, here are some things you should know:
1. To ensure the quality of our product, the tempeh is delivered frozen. This makes it possible to not pasteurize it and maintain its fresh taste and healthy bacteria.
2. Tempeh is best consumed before 2 months in the freezer. When you defrost it, consume within 48 hours.
3. We ask you to order minimum 3 blocks (=1 KG) in order to be able to cover our delivery costs.
4. Allergens! All our products can contain traces of nuts.

Fill out the form below with your order and we will get in touch to agree on the earliest date to bring you your tempeh! NB: For the moment we can only deliver in Brussels and Ghent.
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Soy tempeh 5.30EUR / 335g block (VAT incl.)
Black tempeh 6.40EUR / 335g (VAT incl.)
Circular hazelnut tempeh 6.40EUR / 335g (VAT incl.)
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