2017 RECON Team Meeting Survey
Thank you for providing input as we plan for our upcoming RECON Team Meeting to be held in the Pacific Northwest in Fall 2017. Funding will be provided for at least one representative from each RECON team to travel to and participate in the team meeting. We will also be funding between 6-12 student participants. Additional participants are also encouraged to attend.

The survey below is NOT a registration form but an informational survey as we begin planning this event. Details and registration information will be provided in April, 2017.

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Which of the following weekends would work for your team team to send a representative? (select ALL that apply)
Which of the following weekends will NOT work for your team to send a representative? (select ALL that apply)
We would like to include various topic sessions during the meeting. Please rank the following topics from "willing to give a 10-15 minute mini-presentation during session" to "low interest in session."
Willing to present
High Interest
Medium Interest
Low Interest
Strategies for engaging students
Strategies of engaging community members
Educational activities and curricula
Observation campaign strategies
Observation campaign technical issues
Lightcurve strategies
Lightcurve technical issues
Coordinating local campaigns
RECON science results
Upcoming RECON plans
Reflecting on lessons learned
Celebrating RECON successes
What other topic sessions should we plan to include?
Your answer
We are thinking about including a session on the advantages of GO-TO versus PRECISE GO-TO. Which of the following best characterizes your RECON team?
Even if they haven't started to work on them yet, describe any projects that students in your community will be working on this year that you would be interested in having them present at the RECON meeting? (NOTE: These don't have to be RECON related. This is about ways we can use the RECON meeting to showcase your students.)
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How useful have our RECON training videos been? (http://tnorecon.net/participant-resources/recon-video-guides/)
As we look towards the 2017-18 academic year, are you aware any personnel changes on the horizon? (e.g., key team members relocating or no longer able to participate)
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Are there any needs, concerns, or suggestions for the RECON Project that you would like to share at this time?
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