18 & Gay
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Next year is "World Pride" - fifty years since the Stonewall riots and the birth of LGBTQ+ rights. To mark/honor this occasion, I am working on a new piece - tentatively titled, 18 & Gay.

I would like to interview fifty gay men, one for each year from 1969-2019, one for each year they were 18.

I have ten questions I'd like to ask, the interviews will be anonymous (obviously I will know who you are), and the information will then be taken and constructed into a new theatrical piece. The interviews will also be recorded and if you do not wish to answer any questions, that is totally fine!

The purpose of this form is to glean interest from the network of wonderful gay men I know - and of course, further afield. I am interested in variety, and most of all, your stories.

Sometimes I can't believe it's only been fifty years and to see how far we have come is magic. But I also think we have so much further to go.

If you'd like to be a part of this, complete the info below and I will reach out to you directly to coordinate an interview. You do not have to be based in NYC - I am happy to make it work!

Thank you for your time - please feel free to share this with other gay men who you may think are interested.

PLEASE NOTE! The response has been OVERWHELMING! Which is amazing. I have a lot of years covered, so if you don't see the year reflecting when you turned 18, that means I have someone. However, please feel free to share with someone who may fit!

Questions? Email me: jdstewart148@gmail.com

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