Conquest Event Submission Form 2020
Thank you for considering submitting an event to Conquest 2020! As a volunteer run convention, it's the efforts of yourself and people like you that make this convention possible.

Please check out our submission guidelines at the below link, and fill in the form to send your game through to us.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or send a message through to the Conquest Facebook page.
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Contact phone number
If you provide a contact number, we will use it to advise if there are last minute changes to your session/s, or if we urgently need to contact you during the convention.
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Game System
If your event is running with an established game system (D&D 5e, Dread, Cypher Systems, etc.), please specify here.
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System Knowledge *
How familiar will your players need to be with the system in order to get the most out of your event?
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What is the player minimum and maximum this event can handle?
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Event Blurb *
This is what will be posted on the Conquest website, to assist players in deciding if your game is right for them.
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Images to be presented to players along with your blurb. Include URLs here, or image files can be emailed through to
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Sessions to run *
Please select which sessions you intend to run your event. These are the event sessions that will be offered to players to sign up. If you have flexibility in your schedule (eg: Any 3 of 4 Saturday sessions) detail your requirements in the 'other information' section at the bottom of this form. Please note that any small events for less than 8 players MUST be scheduled for at least 2 sessions over the convention.
Will your event require electronic equipment with power cables? *
Please let us know if you would like any trophies to present to players. These might be for a best play group, best individual role, tournament winner, or other acknowledgements as appropriate. We'll need to know how many you would like, and what they would be presented for.
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Other GMs
Will other GMs be assisting you in running your game? Please let us know numbers, and names if you already know who will be joining you.
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Will this be the first time you have run a convention event?
Any other important information to add?
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Submission guidelines *
Please see "GM & Writer Information Kit" on our website
Conquest Newsletter *
Useful information to keep up-to-date on what is happening with the yearly convention. Newsletters are sent out occasionally throughout the year, with a few more issues close to Conquest time.
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