Third Space Revisioning Survey
The Third Space (formerly the UVSS Women's Centre) aims to create social change through political action, education, and support of University of Victoria self-identified women, non-binary, and gender fluid persons.

We provide a physical space to facilitate networking for our members, offer programs to promote issues within our mandate, and maintain a resource library for student and public use.

This survey will ask for your experiences using (or not using) our space and consult you on changing our name.

A summary of the results of this survey will be compiled and presented at our collective meeting in February. If you are interested in attending our collective meetings or getting involved with the space, please include your email at the end of this survey, or email

Do you identify as a woman, as non-binary, or as gender non-conforming? (including gender fluid, two-spirit, genderqueer, agender, and other identities) *
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