Prayer Ministry Team Application
The process for being released to be on the Prayer Ministry Team is summarized
below and also appears during week 4 of the Transformation Series 201 class.
We will verify the information on this application. Please complete this application
and have your life circle leader provide a recommendation to release.
1. Regular Attender
2. Complete Transformation Series 101& 201 OR
Attend a Prayer Ministry Team Training
3. Regular participation in a Life Circle.
4. Final release by your Life Circle Leader
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We require all Prayer Ministry Team Members be involved in a Life Circle on a regular and continuing basis. Please provide us with your Life Circle Leader’s contact information so that we can verify your participation in a Life Circle.
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Please summarize your understanding of the Vineyard Five Step Prayer Model: *
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"The 5 Step Healing (Prayer) Model" by John Wimber.
A clip from the 1985 Signs and Wonders Conference.
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