Disney World Trip Planning
Thank you for taking the time to check out this survey! The goal is to identify any pain points you experience during your trip planning process and ideas you might have on how to resolve them.

If possible, try to answer as if we were in a post-COVID world where FastPass and other currently suspended items at Disney World are back to normal.
How many Disney World trips have you planned?
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How much do you enjoy your current planning process for a Disney World trip?
Hate it
Love it
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How would you rate your expertise at planning a Disney World trip?
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How far ahead of your trip do you begin your planning?
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How important are the following items when selecting the dates for your trip?
Not important
Somewhat important
Very important
School schedule / holidays
Work schedule / holidays
Specific time of year / event (halloween, Food & Wine)
Special offers (free dining, cheap airfare)
Park opening times and extra magic hours
Crowd calendars
Historical ride wait times
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Which of these planning resources do you currently use?
Which data do you find most useful when planning?
What features would you use when exploring wait time history / predictions?
How accurate have you found wait time predictions?
Completely wrong
Incredibly accurate
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How do you usually plan your daily itineraries?
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What features would you use in an itinerary builder?
How do you use the results from itinerary builders (i.e. Touring Plans)?
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