Cross Cultural Center Volunteer Internship Program Application 2019-2020
Looking to get involved on campus? Interested in the mission of the CCC, and want to know if it's a good environment for you? Want to get better connected within your community, and get an Internship notation on your transcript at the same time? Interning at the Cross Cultural Center is the perfect opportunity for you! Volunteer Interns are students who are looking to serve alongside the core student coordinator team as they prepare for upcoming CCC events and programs. Ideal Volunteer Interns will have some basic knowledge of the CCC, social justice issues, and are looking for an in-depth project experience within the center. Once selected, VIs make a two-quarter commitment to the CCC and receive transcript notation both quarters. With approval, VIs can work with up to two student coordinators over both quarters.

Volunteer opportunities include direct community outreach, assisting at Cross Cultural Center (CCC) events, working with CCC student coordinators, and fostering administrative skills. Transcript notation is also available. This is a great way to get involved at UC Davis while promoting campus diversity and intercultural ideals!

Opportunities Involve:
-Participating in direct community outreach
-Assisting with CCC events
-Working with CCC student coordinators on programs/events
-Conducting research for the center
-Fostering administrative skills

Our Mission
Our mission at the Cross Cultural Center at UC Davis is to work towards a more just and liberated world. We create compassionate community spaces that foster identity formation, critical consciousness and collective innovation.
As a community center for students, the following six values guide our work:
1. Advocacy
2. Cultural Competency
3. Community Building
4. Academic Excellence, Research, and Education
5. Identity Exploration
6. Leadership Development
VIP Requirements:
-First, complete this VIP application and, if accepted, register with a CCC staff member

-QUARTERLY COMMITMENT = 40 hours (an average of 4 hr/week)
-Maintain a 2.0 GPA
-Attend the CCC VIP Orientation
-Complete and submit the ICC Transcript Notation on Handshake
-Complete a Portfolio (includes the following)
-Hours completed
-Personal Learning Plan
-Activity Log
-2 quarter commitment (Winter and Spring)
-Attend at least 2 CCC programs outside of assigned coordinator and write short reflection paper
-Work with a CCC staff member for 40 hours per quarter by meeting program assignments and attending meetings/other activities
-TOTAL HOURS - 80 in two quarters
VIP Perks!
-Work experience in the Cross Cultural Center
-Opportunity to get letters of recommendation for future career plans/graduate school
-Develop your leadership skills and gain career experience
-Opportunities to receive a fee waiver worth up to $60 to attend a UC Davis conference or retreat
-Receive an official Transcript Notation
-Learn more about social justice initiatives at UC Davis
-Work in a friendly, student-centered environment
-Learn about valuable resources on campus
-Explore pportunities to make a difference at UC Davis
-Get connected to different communities on campus
-Work to build community-based programs

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