Fable and Folly Network Survey
On behalf of all the producers who work so hard to create these shows, we wanted to thank you for taking this survey! Your answers truly help us to better understand what matters and also directly contribute to us paying all the people involved in creating these shows.

This survey is 15 questions and should take less than 5 minutes to complete. And at the end, we will share a bunch of special thank you gifts!
Which of the following shows do you listen to? Please check all that apply. *
What do you love most about the shows you selected above?
At Fable and Folly, we understand that how we portray issues surrounding the intersection of race, gender, identity and class matters. What are you comfortable sharing about how you feel seen or represented in our shows? Or where we can improve?
Which one, if any, best describes how much you like or dislike each of the following narrative podcast genres?
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Comedy / Dark Comedy
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