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Application form to become a CAB volunteer - Please visit our website to learn more about becoming a volunteer.

If you find the form difficult to understand or complete, please contact our Training Officer - sue.brown@citafareham.org or call 01329 237 121 to ask for the form in a different format

Please Note: If you become a volunteer with Citizens Advice Fareham, you will not be able to access our advice services. You will be able to access advice from another nearby Citizens Advice; for example Winchester or Gosport, and you will be able to get advice from the national citizens advice website or via Adviceline. However, if you have needed advice from us on more than one occasion in the last 6 months, we recommend that you think carefully about whether now is the right time for you to volunteer with us. You will not be excluded from volunteering by us, we just want to make you aware of the issue, so it does not have a negative impact on you at a later time.

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