Commuter travel survey
We're conducting a research project designed to find ways to make your journey to work more enjoyable.

A substantial but sometimes overlooked aspect of the journey is how people get to and from railway stations or bus stops.

We would like to find out more about your views and experiences, even if you don't use public transport.

We have designed this questionnaire to be anonymous and quick to complete and expect it'll take no more than 10 minutes to complete. Why not bookmark it and complete it on your commute!

You can view our full privacy policy here;

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In a typical week, how many days do you commute to a place of work? *
On an average day how long is your commute to work?
What's the main mode of transport you usually use for your commute? (i.e. the mode that takes you the furthest distance) *
Please select the statements that apply to you: *
Please state your level of agreement with the following statements
"Most days I commute to the same place"
Strongly disagree
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"I know at least a week in advance where and how I'll be commuting "
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