3rd WPSA-WVPA Scientific Conference 2018
“Enhancing Poultry Health and Production for Sustainable Poultry Industry”
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The poultry industry today is highly intensified and has contributed greatly to cheap, abundant food supply and improved quality of life. The Malaysian poultry has undergone a paradigm shift in structure and operation and is one of the fastest growing segment of the agricultural sector today in Malaysia. Efforts have been taken by the Malaysian government to ensure an adequte supply of poultry meat and eggs for the domestic market and to capitalize on export market. The current self-sufficiency of poultry products is 125% and it contributes to the 79% of the RM10 billion livestock industry in the country.

Although Malaysia is self-sufficient in poultry meat and eggs since early eighties, the industry is facing challenges such as the soaring global price of imported feed ingredients, consumers concerns over the safety of poultry products, the threat of emerging diseases, enviromental issues associated with poultry production and animal welfare concerns. The Malaysian poultry industry must re-orientate itself to meet challenges of a market driven world.

These challenges need to be addressed to ensure that the Malaysian poultry industry is sustainable and continue to contribute significantly to the national food security. In view of that WPSA-WVPA (Malaysia Branch) is organising the Scientific Conference 2018 with the theme “Enhancing Poultry Health and Production for Sustainable Poultry Industry”. The organising committee would like to invite you to participate in this conference. It is hope that this conference will provide a great opportunity for knowledge transfer, networking and to foster future collaboration

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