Scripted Reality by Victoria Johns & Nikki Ashton - Release Blitz
Bare Naked Words are delighted to be hosting a Cover Reveal & Release Blitz for Scripted Reality by Victoria Johns and Nikki Ashton. Formerly known as I Wanna Get Laid by Kade, it has a new cover and new content.

Cover Reveal: 20th November

Release Blitz review option: 14th December (standalone)

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Genre - Contemporary Romance

Scripted Reality (Formerly I Wanna Get Laid by Kade)

Kade Sutton: The streets are a lonely, dangerous place to live, but this is my penance, the path I was meant to take. Out here, a smile from a stranger is the simplest gift that means everything.
I knew what it meant.
It gave me warmth and hope as I sat on the sidewalk each day begging for food.
Daisy Ingles was the woman who gave me that gift, she was kind, beautiful and smart, but best of all, she loved my dog.
People like me never expect to be given the opportunity of a lifetime, one that could turn it all around, but there’s a catch, I have to betray the woman I’ve grown to care about.

Daisy Ingles: Reality TV is a duplicitous cess pit, run by vultures waiting to rake through the bones of their victims, and I’m right in the middle of it. The only light in my day is the homeless guy, Kade who lives outside my office building.
He has a story, everyone does, but his haunts him, I can see those ghosts swimming in the bright blue of his eyes.
I never expected him to say yes to being the star of our show, but his one demand, that I go with him.
Everything tells me to say no, but I know he needs me. If I refuse, and he stays on the streets, it’ll be my fault.

Secrets, lies, love and betrayal, the perfect plot for a reality TV show, where even the best scripts writers couldn’t predict the fallout.

This book contains mature content
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