MiMKinetic Team Entry 2019
For 2019 we are shifting away from Eventbee and Eventbrite forms and lowering entry to allow greater participation. This year, teams still need at minimum 1 captain and 1 crew and a maximum combination of 12 team members.

The team fee is being reduced to $10 and t-shirts will be available for an additional fee. Once the form is completed and initial review is complete a PayPal link will be sent to the team Captain.

Email address *
Team Name *
Generally based on your vessel and theme.
Team Theme *
Be creative and descriptive. Snippets may be shared with the event announcer to share during the derby.
Team Captain First Name *
The name you preferred to be called. (Should be a real name, not Gear, Sprocket, Chain, etc)
Team Captain Last Name *
Team Captain Cellphone Number *
We need this in the case of an emergency or issues on derby day.
Crew Member List *
Please provide the First and Last Name of all crew separated by commas
Team Ages *
What is the age of the youngest and oldest member of your team?
Vessel or team photos?
Do you have a photo we can share in the lead up to the derby?
Anything the other teams should know about your entry?
Is there anything cool, unique, or just smack talk worthy you would like to share?
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