Be a star on High Live! | 让你变网红!
High Live is a mobile application that lets you perform your talents and chat with your fans in real-time!

We are looking for outgoing, funny, talented, and attractive individuals to join our family as an Official High Live Streamer!

If you are already making your friends laugh/serenading your love ones/giving makeup tips to your friends, then why not get paid doing so on High Live!

As an Official High Live Streamer, you get more benefits than a casual live streamer. This includes basic salary and commission (when you receive gifts on High Live). Successful live streamers increase their popularity and earnings by going live at least 5 times per week. The more hours you stream, the more you increase your exposure!

Be rewarded as you stream! Start earning your gifts now!
Download High Live here:

High Live 是个能让你表演才艺和朋友聊天的直播APP。
我们在寻找有才艺,会搞笑,个性外向的帅哥美女们成为 High Live 的固定主播。

固定主播的好处在于月薪包括底薪和佣金还有机会提高人气,成为网络明星 !

现在就加入High Live开始直播吧!

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